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Cost of Living Help and Support

Are you being affected by the Cost of Living Crisis, please remember you are not alone – the Parish Council are here to help.

We can help you to get access to advice, support, and information on where you can go and the help that is available. 

Any contact is kept strictly confidential: you can contact the Clerk on 07831 394346 or Cllr. L Elden on 07748 772310 or by emailing the Clerk on:

Norfolk County Council

Client Hardship Service  Support and financial assistance for food, energy, and household essentials 0344 800 8020

Fuel - Do you use oil to heart your home? Norfolk's community oil buying scheme gives the best prices call 01326 698216 or see

 Norfolk Advice Network  Free independent advice providing easy and quick access to services you may need 0333 996 8333

Beware of scams. You do not need to apply for the scheme, and you’ll never be asked for your bank details. Find out more:

Debt Support

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